BNS 383: What Has Happened to Australia?! -with Stuart from LibertyDownUnder.

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Stuart (LibertyDownUnder): “I see this over the place… see certain people stopping them [pro-liberty activists) from speaking out. We’ve had police coming to people’s houses door-knocking for memes that they’ve made online.

In Melbourne, we had the police who went to the house of a woman who was pregnant, because she shared one post on Facebook about the protests. People being locked up, a guy who got eight months behind bars, who ran Instagram account that was anti-lockdown. He got eight months behind bars because of it.

When we had the treaty protests, Facebook stopped the live streams. So you couldn’t even do live streams to show what’s happening on the ground. At the same time, the Victorian police got a no-fly order over Melbourne. So the civilian helicopters couldn’t fly over it and get aerial shots of having the protests were. So it’s their collaboration by the media outlets, social media and the police.”

Today, Stuart from LibertyDownUnder joins the program to highlight what is happening in Australia during an era of COVID. We’ve all seen the pictures and videos, but to hear the stories coming from someone on the ground, first-hand is truly eye-opening.

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