BNS 278: Murders, Minks, and Darrin Jacobs

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Episode 278 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out!

Old school BHOL this time, its Jeremiah Morrell, Forrest Plank, Darrin Jacobs, and Zach Burcham making the show sound great. Mr Jacobs is going back to the Spiceland town council, he starts a new term in January. The local courts have a massive load of high level crimes; a bit unexpected for the community. Election season is upon us already. Announcements are coming fast and furious for the City of New Castle. Very competitive mayor race is coming.

National politics is staring us in the face, Trump is running for President, VP Pence is on a book tour. Apparently Mayor Pete moved to Michigan. We don’t know how to say this, but 40,000 mink were turned loose only 78 miles away from us. And if you wanted to see Taylor Swift in concert, we have TERRIBLE news.

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