BNS 277: Money and the Rule of Law – with Alex Salter

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If you’re like me, then the idea of having an entire conversation about money, monetary theory, money supply, and the rules that govern them does not sound compelling in the slightest.

However, get ready to have your expectations and preconceived notions blown away, as today we’re not only making monetary policy interesting but showing how your average person can actually help have a direct say in the rules but the Federal Reserve follows when dictating monetary policy.

Alex Salter joins the program discuss his new book, “Money and the Rule of Law”, which focuses on applying basic fundamentals of economics from a micro standpoint an helps us understand how we can take a system that can be sometimes incredibly confusing, make it easy to understand and help show your average person the value embracing the new idea of money being held to the same rules as our economic structures.



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