BNS 265: Follow the Science! (On Lockdowns and Liberty)

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“Follow the Science!”

Tired of that phrase over the past year and a half yet?

Well, perhaps you shouldn’t get too comfortable with retiring that expression to the back corners of your mind, as a very fervent (and loud) group of pro-bureaucratic “experts” have been digging their heels in while defending the government’s COVID narratives.

Today’s guests join the program to help destroy narrative after narrative, as their new docuseries “Follow the Science! (On Lockdowns and Liberty)” help tell the actual story of the pandemic.

From telling the stories of those harmed by the “experts” reckless top-down policies that labeled them {“essential” or “non-essential” to digging into the actual science presented by leading epidemiologists and other leading voices who have been sounding the alarm bells from the beginning, the Sound Mind Creative Group is here to tell the full story of the pandemic.

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