BNS: 180: COVID-19 Pandemic Data & Science that will Save Lives & Livelihoods -with Nick Hudson

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COVID-19 is a threat. Yes, it’s a very real disease that kills lots of people.

However, the government lockdowns and the related intrusions on civil liberties pose a serious threat not only to lives, but to civilization itself—a threat must be resisted.

At this juncture, the science is quite clear on what key policy responses should be—or should have been. But this is no longer about the science, if it ever was.

What is required now is a mobilization against what is essentially an enormous public relations machine that is fuelling fear and removing agency from people’s lives the world over, which is why today’s guest is on the program!

Today’s guest is Nick Hudson from PANDA (Pandemics ~ Data & Analytics). PANDA is a collective of leading scientists, actuaries, economists, data scientists, statisticians, medical professionals, lawyers, engineers and businesspeople working as a collective to replace bad science with good science.

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