BNS 112: Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Sam Robb

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We’re in the final stretch now, folks, as we’re quickly approaching the Libertarian Party National Convention (assuming it’s still going on in some capacity, as scheduled), meaning if you’re a delegate or an active member of the party, now is the time to really sharpen up on your candidates!

And of course, being the kind soul that I am, I am making that process as easy as possible for you, as I am joined by yet another one of our fantastic Libertarian candidates, Sam Robb!

I had the great fortune of meeting Sam while moderating the Libertarian POTUS Debate over on “The Exchange” (along with the other amazing candidates!), which prompted Sam and I connecting to have him on the show to get to know more about his candidacy, his path to liberty, and his vision for the Libertarian Party as we approach the May convention!

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