BNS 101: Deplatformed- How Big Tech Companies & Corporate America Subvert the Second Amendment with Sam Jacobs from

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Welcome back, folks! I hope you all enjoyed last week’s episode with Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Jacob Hornberger (I know I certainly did!). Keeping up with phenomenal guests, I am today joined by‘s Lead Writer and Chief Historian, Sam Jacobs!

Sam joins the show today to discuss one of his recent article over at, titled “Deplatformed: How Big Tech Companies & Corporate America Subvert the Second Amendment”. Sam, a self identified “Jacksonian-Conservative”, takes a different approach to the tech censorship and deplatforming that has taken place in the past few years when compared to the traditional libertarian’s perspective.

Listen as Sam and I have a fun back-and-forth discussion where we volley our differing takes to one another, leaving the conversation on a solid ground of understanding each other’s position, and more importantly, that we were able to find some, gasp, COMMON GROUND!

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Sam’s Bio: Sam Jacobs grew up in Southern New England, probably the part of the country with the weakest gun culture. However, from a young age he believed firmly in the right of self defense and the right to keep and bear arms. This, coupled with 12 years of education in public schools and an argumentative nature, meant that he was frequently getting into debates with his teachers about the virtue of the Second Amendment. A precocious student of history and the Constitution, Jacobs became interested in both the practice of armed self defense throughout history as well as the philosophical underpinnings of the Second Amendment.

Jacobs has an affinity for the individual and the common man against centralized forms of power and elites, whether they be in the government or the private sector. In particular, he is interested in the ways in which private companies work to subvert the legislative process and to undermine American freedoms outside of normal legal channels. He considers the resolution of how corporate power can hem in Constitutional freedoms to be the most pressing political question of our age.

The private sector and the public sector are increasingly indistinguishable from one another, both because of behind-the-scenes corporate chicanery that undermines the legislative process and because private companies are rapidly becoming far more powerful than the federal government. Thus, it is more important than ever to both fight the incursion of private companies into our government and to become independent and self-reliant enough to make it difficult for private companies to hem in your rights.

So Sam believes.

Jacobs is the lead writer and chief historian with, and is the driving intellectual force behind the content in the Resistance Library. He is proud to see his work name-checked in places like Bloomberg, USA Today and National Review, but he is far more proud to see his work republished on websites like ZeroHedge, Lew Rockwell and Sons of Liberty Media.

How many firearms does Sam own and what’s his everyday carry? That’s between him and the NSA.

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