BHOL 82: Ferkinhoff For Congress

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Tom Ferkinhoff joins the guys in studio for his candidate interview. Tom is Jeannine Lee Lake’s favorite Libertarian and is running against her and Greg Pence for Indiana’s 6th Congressional District. Jeremiah Morrell and Tom talk a bit about his background, his hobbies, and what inspired his to join the race. Tom originally planned to run as a Republican, before discovering the Libertarian Party and how closely he aligns with their views. Tom is now the Wayne County party chairman.

Dakota Davis asks Tom about his campaign issues, which can be found at Sit back, and listen to Tom’s views on entitlement spending, taxes, tariffs, and healthcare. Tom tells the voters why he believes himself to be the best candidate for congress in this race. Chase Peyton asks a series of questions, including, which state Tom would get rid of if he had the choice. Chase and Dakota picked Ohio. Sorry, buckeyes.

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