BHOL 75: Chris Bowers & Jordan Bruno – A Comedians Hard Work, Comedy on Campus, and Van Living

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Episode 75 was full of laughs brought on by guest Chris Bowers. Chris is the former owner of Morty’s Comedy Joint and motivational speaker/comedian. Dakota and Chris talked about the hard work that comedians have to do to become successful in their fields, after Dakota saw the incredible amount of work Dan Cummins puts into his shows.

Jeremiah and Chris talk about the current climate on college campuses. and whether or not the environment there is increasingly hostile towards comedians. Chris makes the distinction that Andy Gross is in fact a magician and not a comedian.

Jordan Bruno is back from living life in his Chevy Astro. The guys called him crazy when he told them his plan in episode 15. Were they right? Or was living life on the road better than it’s cracked up to be?

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