BHOL 74: Steve Horwitz – John Schnatter, Andy Gross, and “Shop Local” Morality

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Episode 74 saw the return of Boss Hog of Liberty fan’s favorite guest, Economics professor, Steve Horwitz. Steve stopped by to talk to the guys about the current political climate on college campuses. Starting first the decision to remove John “Papa John” Schnatter’s name from his building and professorship. Steve and Jeremiah talked about the use of language in today’s world, and the reasoning behind Ball State University’s decision.

Purdue Freshman, Mason Rottinghaus called in to tell the guys about his experience in the auditorium during Andy Gross’s performance. The crew delves into the specifics of the “outrage” by Purdue students and asks whether or not this is a case of 21st century manufactured outrage. Chase Peyton asks Mason about his first impressions on campus, and Steve gives his insight as a professor.

Finally, they discuss the supposed morality of shopping local vs. purchasing from a big box store. Steve does what he does best and breaks down the logistics of the scenario. Completely dismantling all of the “pro-local” arguments. What do you think, should we be more supportive of local businesses? Steve’s writings for FEE on the topic can be found at


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