BHOL 70: Lee Marcum – Jack’s Donuts, Shell Buildings, and Social Media in Politics

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Episode 70 is fresh and ready for consumption!

This week on the show, the crew is joined by Lee Marcum. The owner of the nations greatest doughnut chain, Jack’s Donuts. Jack’s has been a staple in the the New Castle community for decades, but under Lee’s leadership has been shaking up the doughnut game accross the state and accross the country. Lee explains what it takes to build up a business like he has and discusses the future of Jack’s

The guys also spent some time talking about the shell building in Henry County, Indiana. There are 25 shell buildings accross the state of Indiana and thousands more accross the country. Dakota talked to Corey Murphy from the Henry County Economic Development Corporation about the uses of the Shell Building and the specifics behind its purpose.

Finally, they talked a little bit about the impact that social media has had on the world of politics. digging into the use of Twitter and Facebook by elected officials and candidates seeking office. The four discuss the benefits that have come along with it’s rise, and the apparent downfalls as well.


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