BHOL 68: Wedding Run-Down, Henry County Jail, AG Curtis Hill, NATO Summit

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Episode 68 saw the return of all 5 co-hosts. The guys reminisce about the weekend activities which included Jeremiah’s wedding and a trip to New Castle Motor Sports. We also learned that Kade Koger loves to break out his dance moves.

Dakota and Jeremiah took a trip to the Joint meeting concerning the Henry County jail and discovered that we are not unique in our current corrections situation. The duo gives a synopsis of what was said at the meeting, and their own personal opinions of what can be done to get us out of this mess. We talked about Attorney General Curtis Hill, and Dakota questions how any sane person can believe that he is innocent with the information that we know. Towards the end of the show, the guys talked about the Brussels NATO Summit and whether or not Trump was right to call out our allies during the meeting.

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