BHOL 48: Scott Fleener – US Army – South Korea – Becoming a Libertarian

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Episode 48 of Boss Hog of Liberty is available now!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by Chase Peyton in the co-host chair. The featured guest is Scott Fleener. Scott served in the US Army before he was medically discharged.

Scott shares his experiences in the Army, being stationed in South Korea as an MP (Military Police). Scott was discharged this winter after suffering a medical emergency, and is now going to continue his education at Ball State University.

During his time in the service, he transitioned to Libertarianism and discovered Gary Johnson. Spoiler alert, Scott didn’t know where Aleppo was either.

Dakota spent an entire Friday trying to get answers to his story on the dispute between the Henry County Council, Auditor, Sheriff’s department, and commissioners over where funds were budgeted and if the proper process is being followed.
Chase has the breaking sports scores from the NCAA tournament, plausibly live.

Jeremiah previews the next few weeks of shows as we follow the local primary election races.

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