BHOL 46: Senate Candidate Dave Ring – Organic Farming – Berniecrats

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Episode 46 of Boss Hog of Liberty is available now!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined this week by Chase Peyton making his grand return in the fourth chair. Jeremiah went to the boys sectional game in New Castle and performed an undercover mission for this week’s show. Dakota spent some time at Norris English Pub and even received a free glass!

Our featured guest is Dave Ring. Dave is one of two Democrat candidates seeking nomination to run for the District 26 State Senate seat. From Albany, IN, Dave owns and operates The Downtown Farm Stand in Muncie, IN. Dave is a self-described “Berniecrat” meaning he sides heavily with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

We discuss the issues that Dave has faced running a campaign without money from special interest groups or corporations, and what it’s like to run outside of the establishment. He feels the people of District 26 deserve choices and the guys could not agree more.

Jeremiah and Dakota run through the list of issues that are on the Dave Ring website and the solutions he would propose. A lot of time was spent on CAFO’s and furthering regulations, gerrymandering reform, CBD oil/medical marijuana, and the opioid epidemic.
Finally, Chase Peyton runs us through a sports update and explains his new look. Dakota reveals that there will be big news coming from the County Council this week, and Jeremiah reminds everyone to buy tickets for the Area 6 Libertarian Convention.

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