BHOL 35: State Representative Melanie Wright – Indiana Legislative Preview

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Episode 35 of Boss Hog of Liberty is our first episode with a State Representative.

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined this week by one of our new rotating co-hosts, Danny Morrell. Danny, Chase Peyton, and Kade Koger are now officially in the lineup as co-hosts of the program.

State Representative Melanie Wright joins us to talk about the upcoming legislative session. We discuss the committees she serves on, her involvement with human trafficking legislation and the involvement of the federal government in education. Melanie is a public school teacher and represents portions of Madison and Delaware Counties in Indiana. Melanie is a Democrat in a very rural and mostly conservative district.

We discuss the three hot button issues that are coming our way this session, Cold Beer / Sunday Sales, CBD Oil / Marijuana legislation, and the possibility of constitutional carry of handguns.

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