BHOL 273: Candidate Series – Shannon Thom & Angela Mahaffey for County Council

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Episode 273 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out!

We roll on with another edition of the candidate series! Thanks to Big Bounce, Weiland’s Flowers, and The Slick Pickle for their continued support of the program. We have the candidates for County Council District 3 with us; Angela Mahaffey (D) Shannon Thom (R) in the studio. We talk about how ARP funds should be used, how to pay for new Merit deputies for the Sheriff Department. How does the council plan on possibly growing the tax base? Lots of talk of roads, rural broadband, and ways to improve the quality of living in the community. Finally, there is a large conversation about the wayu council interacts with boards and how they would be used. A very thoughtful conversation between two candidates who make their case for your vote next month!

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