BHOL 21: Cat Anagnos – Dear Leader’s Birthday – Park Volunteers – Smoking Bans – UC Berkley Hot Dog Crimes

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Episode 21 of Boss Hog of Liberty!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined featured guest and co-host of We Are Libertarians, Cat Anagnos. Cat has appeared on the Bob and Tom Show, does weekly episodes of We Are Libertarians, and does scat music?!? And is a full time student at Ball State University, working on her MRS degree we hear.

Clay is off this week, evaluating life choices, so we found Greg Lenz to pinch hit for Clay. Greg is another staple on the mother ship of We Are Libertarians. Dakota and Greg co-hosted the big show at WAL Live at Morty’s this week. Be sure to check out Episode 228 of WAL.

This is the first week in the brand new studio. Fantastic results! We thank all of our contributors and intend to keep making upgrades, ultimately getting to streaming video of the program.

The crew recaps Chris Spangle’s birthday bash and the WAL Live episode.

For those that actually care about content, we discussed the New Castle Parks volunteer program, a potential city property smoking ban, and the fellow at UC Berkley that was ticketed and lost all of his money for selling hot dogs at a football game.

Another great episode. Listen and subscribe today!

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