BHOL 20: Trump’s Debt Disaster – Hating Facebook Groups – Mark Brim’s Truck Club

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Episode 20 of Boss Hog of Liberty!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by new cohost Clay Morgan. They discuss the weekend that Jeremiah had without Dakota. Jeremiah and Clay spent some time supporting Save Games Library and Shop, and tried the new game “Agenda”. Turns out the boys can create a controversy with just about anything. Sorry Darrin Jacobs.

Featured guest is Mark Brim, a two time Libertarian candidate from Richmond Indiana. Mark discusses his races for State Representative, thinks back to his time as a radio DJ, accidentally starting a car club, and grills Clay about being a Trump voter.

The crew discuss the disaster that Facebook groups have turned into. They have spiraled into food critics and citizens complaining about road construction.

On the national side, they discuss the new Surgeon General, and Clay sides with Senator Rand Paul on the debt ceiling.

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