BHOL 207: Indy 500 Preview – Hogsett’s Mask Ambassadors

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Jeremiah Morrell and Zach Burcham are your hosts for the fourth annual Indy 500 race preview episode! Joining us are Mike McKown, Forrest Plank, and in the producer’s chair is Blake McKown, auditioning for BHOL 8 the Ocho.

Anticipation is building for the biggest gathering of humans in one place since the pandemic began. Masks are “required” but most folks are only wearing them when walking around. Some drivers have been critical of the continued expectation of face coverings, with the CDC relaxing standards.

There was controversy around qualifying procedure, Scott Dixon starts from the pole for the fourth time. Race traditions are slightly modified for everyone going into a reduced capacity race, but everyone is optimistic! Take advantage of the favorite and sleeper picks, and take them to the betting window!

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