BHOL 204: Storytime with Darrel Radford; Pence skips Congress; Temperature Theatre

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts, Zach Burcham is the producer. Our featured guest is Darrel Radford, local journalist and author.

We got the chance to talk to recently retired Darrel Radford, who has been covering the local news beat since the 1970’s, topics include the local newspaper industry, how times have changed for the news business. Darrel also has a book available called “Images of America” and is running a BHOL special! Just mention the podcast!

Greg Pence skipped the Presidential address for a local Repubican dinner; Henry County had a high speed chase, and Jeremiah gets on his soapbox about playing the game of theatre for sporting events. Dakota wants the old normal back…Folks have had their vaccination opportunity…When is it over?
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