BHOL 203: IndyCar Split / Politics – John Oreovicz

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Jeremiah Morrell and Zach Burcham are your hosts this week. Kyle Robbins returns for third chair duties, and our featured guest is John Oreovicz.

Episode 203 is racing laden as we move into the spring season! John has written a brand new book “Indy Split” that is going to be available at and on Amazon. We examine the politics inplay and how reunification happened…But most importantly; buy a copy of the book…A mere podcast won’t do the story justice.
Indy 500 plans have been announced. It will be the biggest in person gathering since the pandemic began.

Kyle is waging a war against the equine community for canceling the third annual last ever Hoosier Hundred, and moving the race to Terre Haute….No more dirt racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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