BHOL 197: The Money Episode! Financial Advisors with Billy Cardwell

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Jeremiah Morrell, Zach Burcham, and Jesse Riddle are your hosts for the 197th edition of Boss Hog of Liberty, with our featured guest of Billy Cardwell, founder of Aurora Financial Strategies.

Fun and educational show! Brief chat about the new guidelines in Indiana for the COVID vaccine. Now anyone 50+ is eligible, along with teachers, front line folks, and any veteran. Congress is slowly working their way towards approving the $1400 that was “promised” months ago.

This is our HUGE financial episode. Discussion on Wall Street Bets, Cryptocurrency, and individual speculative account apps like Robinhood. Great discussion about who should use the services of a certified financial advisor and what to consider when getting one. Riddle asked the most important question…How DO these guys get paid?
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