BHOL 176: Rob Kendall is back – Rainwater Surging – RGB Passes

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts for the 176th edition of Boss Hog of Liberty. Chris Guffey makes it sound awesome on the producers desk. Rob Kendall and Zachary Burcham join today as guests.

After a surprise week away the crew is back! Donald Rainwater is surging in the polls in the race for Governor. We detail the career of Eric Holcomb and why the environment has been so successful for the Rainwater Campaign. We officially look at this race as a toss up with just over a month to go.

Washington has entered full crazy mode after the passing of Justice Ginsberg, and we talk through what “should” be getting done. Jeremiah reminds everyone that if the Republicans gave Merrick Garland a hearing and simply voted against him in 2016, everything would have been much smoother right now.
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