BHOL 167: The Great American Dream – RV Road trips & Indiana’s Economy

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Jeremiah Morrell and Zachary Burcham are your hosts, with guests Rusty Ecstien of Mount Comfort RV andPat Bremer of Small Trailer Enthusiast. Chris Guffey makes everyone sound good on the producer’s guest.

It is Independence Day Weekend and there is nothing more American than the great road trip. When you think roadtrip, you think about the RV. We found two experts that explain the industry. 90% of all of them are made in the state of Indiana along with nearly the entire supply chain.

In the face of COVID-19, people have changed the way they vacation and the RV industry has gotten slammed by new customers who don’t want to fly or stay in hotels, but still want to get away. Demand has been wild. Inventories are half of what they normally are, and you can barely even find a pickup truck on new dealer lots.

Jeremiah, Zachary, and Pat all share their big road trips and how they were able to make great vacations happen. Of course once you decide where you are going, you can probably give Rusty a call and he will hook you up with one of your own.

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