BHOL 163: Candidate Series – County Council – Lawsuits, Resignations, Uncertainty

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Jeremiah Morrell and Zachary Burcham are your hosts this week as Dakota Davis is off being an essential worker!

This is the conclusion of the spring candidate series, sponsored in 2020 by Weiland’s Flowers.
Huge episode with the four Republican candidates for Henry County Council at Large. Three incumbents seeking reelection Clay Morgan, Harold Griffin, and Betsy Mills; along with challenger Travis Lyall.

How does each candidate view their role as a councilperson? What should be happening with food and beverages taxes in the wake of a pandemic? How do the candidates want to fund a new jail? We talk about bonding priorities and processes. How does the council interact with land use? What are the views on the future of Memorial Park and the groups associated with it? And finally we discuss the council calling for the resignation of the incumbent county coroner.
This episode is longer than normal, but a critical conversation about the future of a county. We think you will find it informative, entertaining, and worthwhile.

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