BHOL 149: Who won Iowa? Trump’s State of the Union – Tear up the Show Notes Pelosi Style

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts! Sean Row and Zachary Burcham are in the co-host chairs, Chris Guffey is the producer!

Welcome to the theatre! It is a State of the Union and Iowa caucus breakdown. Really fun wander through the optics of national level politics. Will the theatrics make it all the way to the May, Indiana primary? Sean Row thinks Bernie is the only help for the Democrats to beat Trump. Jeremiah thinks Joe Biden is in serious trouble. Dakota says that Mayor Pete has gone full corrupt and is buying the voter app conspiracy theories.

We are pretty sure that Zach just tore up the notes Pelosi style.

We think we know who won the caucus, but do we really know? Jeremiah declares himself the winner of Nevada, New Hampshire, and New Mexico.

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