BHOL 148 – Chris Lamb – New Castle Career Center – John Andretti Passes

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts! Audrey Davis sits in as a co-host and Chris Guffey is the producer!

We talk with Chris Lamb, who leads the New Castle Career center and learn about his journey from the US Army into teaching and ultimately leading a program with nearly 600 students from 8 school corporations.
Program options range from building trades, dentistry, culinary arts, to engineering and even barbering!
18 programs offered in our community to high school students that can reduce the number of college classes needed for a degree, or to get them directly into the work force.

Finally – Jeremiah Morrell reflects on the passing of John Andretti and the great work he did raising funds for Riley Children’s hospital at New Castle Motorsports part, and for St Judes Children’s hospital. Over 5 million dollars for kids between the two efforts.

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