BHOL 130: Covering Trump Rallies – Brad Brewer – Credit Unions – Roads – Tax Increases are coming

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Chase Peyton is back with sports and trolling as a co-host; Brad Brewer is our featured guest of Right New Network makes his first appearance, Chris Guffey does his best as a producer.

Brad has become a media member, covering local Trump rallies, including the NRA convention and had the best coverage of a guy throwing a cell phone at the President. His day job is as an executive with a local credit union. We talk about the reasons why someone might want to consider using them instead of a bank.

Finally, everyone is fed up with potholes, but we like to complain when the construction season starts. I-70 is nearly gridlock in our part of the world. We discover why the interstate was SHUT DOWN for hours over the weekend and if it will happen again.

Local news – your taxes are going up, the theatre might not be sold? And the city budget process is underway.

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