BHOL 109: Cord Cutting – Jeremiah wants an Abatement – City Election Troubles?

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Episode 109 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Fake farmer Kade Koger is the 3rd chair, he should be planting, but it is too moist outside… Editor of The Courier Times, Travis Weik is the featured guest.

Game of Thrones has gripped the public…That got us thinking about how we watch tv now. Does anyone still have cable? Or do we just stream it all? And if so, do you pay for your own content (PRODUCER CHRIS).

Travis recently had an editorial on property taxes and how we fund local government. We went deep down the rabbit hole…Jeremiah wants a tax abatement for his pool, because he claims it drives tourism.

The final segment highlights the local city elections and it looks like a number of the incumbent candidates struggled to meet the deadlines…Still a developing story!

Kade polls the crowd on what we do if we win the lottery. Common theme – the show gets bigger and better.


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