BHOL 108: Josh Gideon – Downtown Changes? – Notre Dame Fire

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Kade Koger is the 3rd chair. Physical and digital security expert Josh Gideon was here. We talk about his recent book, dealing with worship building security and risk assessments. This pivoted to the Notre Dame fire…Is Jeremiah a terrible person?

We talk about Julian Assange’s arrest; is he a hero or villain? The Nathaniel Hale of our time, or is he a treasonist worse than George Bluth?

Local issues include a potential of the City owning the old Castle Theatre. Local officials are not on the same page. Dakota has STRONG feelings.

Finally Jeremiah notes that it is road paving season and we don’t have a local option because of previous choices.

Kade polls the crowd on fighting off canadian geese.


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