BHOL 102: Landon Dean – Running Small Towns, Parks, and Law Enforcement & Chase’s stupid stunt

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Episode 102 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your loyal hosts. We are joined by Landon Dean, Vice President of the Knightstown Indiana Town Council, Memorial Park Board President, and Sergeant for the Henry County Sheriff department. We talk about what it takes to run a small town, keeping streets paved, water on, lights on, and managing wastewater treatment. We chat about tremendous improvements in Memorial Park over the past few years, and we talk about the experiences as a law enforcement officer.

All the while, co-host Chase Peyton is trying to drink an entire gallon of milk, live on the air….Nobody knows why. He makes it through, but needed a “break” so surprise guest, Aaron Dicken joined us to update his testimony to the Henry County Council and a potential collaboration between the City and County.

Chris Guffey has a BIG announcement at the end.

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