778: When SEEING is No Longer BELIEVING – AI Fakes & Government Propaganda

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What if AI takes propaganda to unimaginable new levels?

Gain a new perspective on artificial intelligence and propaganda in this thought-provoking episode of The Brian Nichols Show, as host Brian Nichols and economist Joe Gulesserian dive deep into the rise of propaganda, its origins in WWI, and how AI could take disinformation to the next level.

Joe provides a historical overview, explaining how President Woodrow Wilson pioneered propaganda tactics in 1917 to sway public opinion and support US involvement in WWI. He formed the Committee of Public Information led by journalist George Creel, who recruited media, academics and community leaders to spread pro-war messaging. This led to the world’s first “Ministry of Propaganda”.

The conversation then shifts to how AI and automation could amplify propaganda in frightening new ways. Joe explains emerging AI capabilities like automated content generation, social media manipulation, and targeted messaging. He warns how bad actors could leverage these tools to spread disinformation at scale and sow division.

Brian poses thoughtful questions about the responsibility of citizens to counter propaganda in the AI age. He challenges listeners to get smart on AI and use it as a force for truth rather than deception. Joe offers ideas like leveraging AI’s pattern recognition abilities for rigorous fact-checking of media and government claims.

To ground the discussion, Brian brings up real-world examples like the spread of fake videos and claims about the Israel-Gaza conflict on social media. This highlights how AI propaganda tactics are already creating confusion about global events.

This thought-provoking episode will open your eyes to the dark side of AI. Brian and Joe deliver an insightful dialogue full of history, hypotheticals, and calls to action.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of propaganda’s evolution into the algorithmic age!

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