743: Affirmative Action OVERTURNED! – Supreme Court Shockwaves & The Biden Administration’s Struggles

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In this riveting episode of The Brian Nichols Show, prepare to have your mind blown as host Brian Nichols dives deep into the Supreme Court’s groundbreaking decision to strike down affirmative action. Discover the far-reaching implications this decision holds for our society and the ongoing battle against the radical leftist agenda.

Joining Brian as a returning special guest is Ted Harvey, former senator from Colorado and founder of Stop Hillary PAC and StopJoe.com.The conversation takes a shocking turn as the duo delves into Joe Biden’s handling of the Hunter Biden scandals. Uncover the startling truths behind the Biden family’s legal troubles, and the efforts made by the administration to protect the President from the mounting evidence against his son. As the intensity builds, the specter of potential impeachment looms over the United States.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride as they reveal an exclusive poll results on public sentiment regarding Hunter Biden’s legal issues. Witness the growing dissatisfaction among Americans towards the political class and their ability to evade accountability. Brace yourself for the explosive revelations surrounding the corruption within the Biden family and the intelligence community’s alleged coup against Donald Trump.

But that’s not all! They tackle yet another burning issue – Joe Biden’s faltering leadership on the economy. Uncover the stark divide within the Democrat Party as Biden’s approval ratings plummet. Explore the impact of rising inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and interest rate hikes on everyday Americans. The fragile state of the economy and its potential consequences on the 2024 elections will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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