397: Free Market Solutions to Climate Change, Green Energy Policy

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Chris Spangle talks to Fiona Harrigan and Jakob Puckett about libertarian solutions to climate change and energy policy.

Enis wrote in and asked:

There has been one thing that has been bugging me quite a lot though; how would climate change and pollution get tackled in a libertarian society?

While most current governments are not great at it either, ideas such as carbon tax actually make a lot of sense. That could in fact encourage people to invest more in clean energies, which are actually more profitable than fossil fuels. I have had direct experiences with unregulated businesses operate despite their utter lack of care for the health of the citizens. What do you think we as libertarians can do to promote sustainability?

So we answered it.

Video: youtu.be/pqzIRtzpQMs

Fiona Harrigan

Jakob Puckett

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