199: Home Rule & Solar in Henry County – Bobbi Plummer; Susan Huhn; Betsy Mills

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Jeremiah Morrell and Jesse Riddle host; Zach Burcham is our producer and cameraman! We have three elected officials in the building with us tonight. County Commissioner Bobbi Plummer, County Council President Susan Huhn, and Councilwoman Betsy Mills.


Indiana has a challenge to its home rule law and the ability of counties to set policy. Specifically House Bill 1381 dealing with zoning for development of wind and solar installations in counties. Henry County officials have been at the front lines of the debate. We also get into the conversation about if solar projects are coming to Henry County and how an ordinance governing them will be developed.

We also get updates on the counties efforts to get live streams in county government; a new shell building; the counties EAP program, and more. Jeremiah went to a Pacers game and isn’t sure he is going back any time soon!
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