BHOL 158: Is Lockdown almost over? Golf Courses Stay OPEN

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts!

We talk property taxes, bills came in the mail. Do you have to pay them? Word is you have an extra 60 days, but they kinda need your money now. Jer’s township taxes went up 400% so he went on a hunt for answers. Turns out he got a great deal in 2019.

We think COVID restrictions might be loosening up a bit…Golf courses are staying open, possibly allowing carts too? Are parks next? How much longer will we keep the economy shut down? We talk about protests or how to communicate with the decision making overlords.

The big debate is…Do we social distance until there is a vaccine or herd immunity, or just until hospitals can keep up and not be overwhelmed? What did you sign up for?
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