The People Are Running Red Lights!

On Tuesday Talk Radio Personality Casey Hendrickson discussed Run A Red Light, my most recent article at We Are Libertarians. While Casey’s commentary was highly entertaining (as always), I was most encouraged by his callers. It seems as though there are a lot of people out there already living out the spirit of my piece; […]

Lenz: With The Clothes On Their Backs

Richard Singletary Dunham was the patriarch of the Singletary family in America. If the family tradition is true, then he was the lost heir of Dunham and was born in England. We know that his birth predates the earliest New England settlement and that American papers carried some notices about Singletary heirs and unclaimed estates in […]

You May Already be an Anarchist: Auto Insurance

The topic of justice in an Anarcho-capitalist society often surfaces. Many people have told me that they are interested in the basic theory of justice in the absence of a government, but whenever they attempt any research anarchists are either unable or unwilling to respond adequately. Part of it is because a lot of these ideas […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 358

Ben Bullard reports of a new SCOTUS that amends the 4th amendment: As long as anyone in the home consents, it’s OK.  This reverses the 2006 ruling that stated if anyone refuses police may not enter. Inform your family of this major change, police will now attempt to coerce a family member to allow access […]

Walter Block’s Reading List

Walter Block sent this book list to us in case any would be interested. And you should be! [divide] 21. DiLorenzo, Thomas and Walter E. Block. Forthcoming. An Austro-Libertarian Critique of Public Choice; Addleton Academic Publishers;; 30-18 50th Street, Woodside, New York, 11377; [divide] 20. Block, Walter. 2013. Legalize Blackmail. ISBN 978-0-9910433-0-9 (hardcover), 978-0-9910433-1-6 (e-book). Straylight Publishing, LLC;; My […]

Run A Red Light

Have you ever been stopped at a red light for an excessive period of time? You look around at the various points of the intersection and nobody else is present. In fact, no one is even driving in the direction of the intersection. And yet you’re stuck; just you and your car, alone at the […]

Lenz: Net Neutrality and The New Dark Ages

[mom_video type=”youtube” id=”” width=”500″ height=”400″] Monday, President Obama urged the Federal Communications Commission to adopt tighter regulations on broadband service providers with the hope of maintaining “a free and open Internet.”  He called on the Federal Communications Commission to commence treating all Internet traffic equally, this is known as Net Neutrality. He is asking the Federal Communications Commission […]