Swayze: Progressive Libertarianism

Note: Read Greg’s post, “Libertarians Restoring Morality Through Choice”, which partly influenced this post. I have struggled to really understand my problems with the Libertarian Party. Much of it had to do with the fact that I come from a left-leaning background and not a right-leaning background like some of the other contributors here on […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 327

Obama slams congress for focusing on all these “phony scandals” (:53): http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-denounces-congress-focusing-phony-scandals-promises-more-executive-action Let me list a few:  Fast & Furious(weapons to Mexico), Benghazi(coverup), IRS(Patriot Groups), NSA(un-Constitutional spying), Syria(weapons to radical muslims), Egypt(coup/no-coup):  I could go on for a long time but you get the idea.  ARE ANY OF THESE “PHONY”? Yet we are in more […]

Lenz: Libertarians Restoring Morality Through Choice

“Acceptance of the moral authority derived from Transcendent criteria of truth and good must be voluntary if it is to have meaning; if it is coerced by…force…it is meaningless.”-Frank S. Meyer In examining society, as it appears today, one would be hard pressed to believe in a moral or charitable man. Our leaders have decided […]

Episode 053: Detroit, Amash, and Superficial Politics

Chris, Greg, and Suzanne Schaefer of Anarchy and a Cup of Coffee discuss what is responsible for the downfall of Detroit, the Amash amendment, and the superficial politics of Sydney Leathers. Notes: DEFORCE Motor City in Ruins: ‘Detropia’ Reveals the Decline and Fall of the American Empire – On Netflix Instant Streaming Requiem for Detroit […]

Ripley: Pelosi Played Major Role in Defeat of Amash Amendment

If you think the dynamic duo of the White House and Republican House leadership are to blame for the defeat of the Amash amendment, you could be mistaken. Foreign Policy Magazine recently published a story with confirmation from insiders, that Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) played a major role in stopping the Amash amendment from passing on Wednesday […]