The Shill Report Page 2: Episode 8 Additional Content

On episode 8 we invited Rob Kendall, author and host of the Rob Kendall Show, on to discuss writing a book, political activism, and working in radio. The conversation shifted to Libertarian candidates being included in debates nationwide, and then we tacked the declining ratings that David Gregory seems to have brought with him to […]

All Eyes on Amash: Show Me the Documents

  This piece is part of a weekly series in which WAL Contributor Ryan Ripley follows the moves of libertarian Republican Justin Amash. Although Congress is on recess this month, there have been some fireworks between Congressman Justin Amash and the House Intelligence Committee. It all started with a FaceBook post from Amash that alleged […]

Pence vs. Media Battle Brewing

I’ve heard from media friends lately that the Pence administration is giving them the cold shoulder. It is curious that a former broadcaster that boasted to have a radio studio would avoid the media as he has. He is certainly capable. During the campaign, the Rupert team often heard complaints from the media that Pence was […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 330

The truth on Benghazi will come out someday (2:07): This is most probably a big part of it. Judge Napolitano states that NSA data is used by the IRS for tax fraud (4:28): We have lost this country; how do we get it back short of revolution? Judge Napolitano […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 329

I’m sorry for the length of this issue but it’s been a very interesting week. Take a couple of minutes longer than normal to go through this issue, it’s filled with a bunch of interesting items.  I would hate for you to miss something that appeals to you. Michael Hastings update (4:31): […]

Look Out Limbaugh, Chicks on the Right Hate Women More Than You Do…

By: Lynn Swayze Wilson Like any self-respecting woman, I read the much talked about debut post by Chicks on the Right on the Indianapolis Star’s website. Being the only major, local paper (the Indy Star), one does not have many options. The post was a good introduction to the kind of writing that the Indiana-based […]

FreedomWorks Teams with the Libertarian Party of Indiana!

On Thursday, August 15th, 2013, something of great political significance occurred within the state of Indiana. The Participants FreedomWorks: This grassroots organization, founded in 1984, is known for training liberty-minded activists across the country and sending them forth as advocates for lower taxes, less government and more freedom. The Libertarian Party of Indiana: This political […]

The Shill Report Page 2: Episode 7 Additional Content

On episode 7 we discussed the potential prime-time shake-ups at cable news outlets, the Bezos purchase of the Washington Post, CNN’s reach for relevance, and when to use inside information. Finally, we played WAL’s favorite game:  JAY CARNEY SAID WHAT!?!!? Read on to see what didn’t make it in to the pod, but is still […]