Why Can’t a Libertarian Party Candidate get into the Presidential Debates?

• When it comes to the national Presidential debates, they are run by a Bipartisan (again not NON-partisan) Committee on Presidential Debates, formed on the (Bipartisan) National Commission on Elections goal of explicitly “turning over responsibility and sponsorship for the debates to the two major political parties”, again, the duopoly assigns itself control of election “fairness”.

• This was in direct response to the 1980 presidential election where third parties took over 8% of the vote and backfired in 1992 when Ross Perot took almost 20% of the popular vote as an Independent.

• The CPD is the definition of shady politics, as it sells sponsorships to the major corporate interests, signs secret memorandums of understanding with the duopoly candidates, has confirmed they share questions/topics with campaigns in advance, has 6 secretive donors who no American is able to know the identity of, maintains government tax-exempt status while not doing any of the required non-profit work necessary to retain that title, has detained a major party candidate for 8 hours after she attempted to access the debate stage, and has private, unidentified funding for the constant barrage of lawsuits by Americans who want a fair election.

• The best thing to do here is challenging the sponsors, as three major corporate interests ended their sponsorship in 2012 after public pressure due to non-inclusionary tactics preventing third party voices from participating. In 2020, the corporate sponsors include Anheuser-Busch, AARP, The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, The Kovler Fund, The National Governors Association, and Philips.

• The board includes several career government workers, former politicians, corporate and special interest CEOs, former media executives, College Deans & Presidents, and former political party chairs, aka no one with any incentive to ever consider a third-party voice.


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