WAL Daily 94: Brian Nichols Interviews Justin Amash

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Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show! For you first time listeners, I am your humble host, Brian Nichols, and here at The Brian Nichols Show, our goal is to educate, enlighten, and inform.

Today is no exception, as I am joined by Congressman Justin Amash. Congressman Amash has been making headlines as of late, with his being the first Republican in Congress to assert that President Trump committed potentially impeachable offenses in regards to his actions and potential obstruction of justice as it relates to the Mueller Investigation.

Congressman Amash joins The Brian Nichols Show to discuss his tenure in Congress, the principles that he leans on when crafting legislation, the rationale behind his public statements regarding President Trump’s “impeachable offenses”, and the manner in which populism and nationalism have taken over the Republican Party in an era of Trump.

Later, we discuss Congressman Amash’s fierce opposition to the surveillance state, focusing on his staunch opposition to the Patriot Act, FISA, and his recent attempts to reign in FISA Section 702, which would have helped put a stop to warrantless FISA surveillance.

We conclude our conversation by addressing the elephant (or porcupine?) in the room… Will Congressman Amash seek to fight President Trump at the ballot box in 2020 by primarying Trump as a Republican, or rather as the top of the Libertarian Party ticket?

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