Swamp Explained: Ukraine, Biden’s Performance, SCOTUS Leaks, Desantis 2024? – Swamp Explained

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Rob Quartel joins me again to continue our Swamp Explained series! We cover a lot since we haven’t spoken in a while including the assassination of Japan’s Abe, Abortion, the Gun Lobby, the Supreme Court leak, Biden’s job performance, will it be Trump or Desantis in 2024, and the resignation of Boris Johnson.

In the Swamp Explained,” Rob Quartel and I go in-depth on how Washington works. The show is hosted by Chris Spangle of the We Are Libertarians network. Rob Quartel is a 45-year fly on the wall in Washington, DC. Rob has worked for Republican presidential campaigns, and government agencies like the EPA, and has been confirmed by the Senate to the Us Federal Maritime Commission. He’s also been a candidate for Congress and Senate. Given his experience and iconoclastic viewpoints, Rob gives us great insight into the swamp that makes up our nation’s capital.

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