CSS: Spangle on The System is Down: Culture Wars – Maintaining Civility thru Civil Unrest

The question of the day is…. How do you change an angry mind?

We’re currently living in a strange time of great civil discourse to the point that some have even dubbed it the New Civil War. What is the solution to the madness? Do we get involved and fight for rationality, or do we stay out of it and just sit back and watch it burn?

Today’s episode is my conversation with Chris Spangle of the podcast, We Are Libertarians. Chris has his finger on the pulse of modern culture more than most which gives him a pretty in-tune yet grounded perspective on the culture that we have collectively created for ourselves and the subsequent division it has created.

In this conversation we discussed the most effective ways to navigate the culture wars and how the individual can best approach topics with others of radically differing opinions.

Is there any hope for this country? Will things get better before they get worse? Why is Chris such a statist?… Find out now on The System is Down! Culture Wars: Maintaining Civility thru Civil Unrest with Chis Spangle of We Are Libertarians!

Also, Chris and I recorded a bonus hour episode for members of The Downers Club where we discussed conspiracies and cultures treatment of people who dig into different theories. If you would like to hear that, just go check out The Downers Club at patreon.com/thesystemisdown.

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