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In Sounds Like Liberty: Episode 39. Hi folks. I’m (Lizzie) taking over writing these things, so dig these value packed new show notes. In today’s episode we talked with the wonderful Mr. Chris Spangle of We Are Libertarians fame. We go through the Libertarian gossip mill and of course culture. It always comes back to culture doesn’t it?

To begin today we examine that classic hippy tune People Got to be free by The Rascals. But do people want to be free? bit.ly/2ClcOLn  

In I Heard This Happened: Nicky brings to the table some pop-rock gold in the form of the record Topiary by LA artist Alex Jules. The songs might remind you of classic Billy Joel. In fact if you couldn’t discern the modern recording techniques you might assume it was straight from the 70’s. There is something almost like Styx or Supertramp in Alex’s tenor and he has moments of swagger like early Ben Folds Five. The record came out on Match 8th and you can check it out here:alexjules.bandcamp.com/album/topiary

I have the record Anchors & Elephants by vocalist Jennah Bell. I haven’t recommended a singer-songwriter record in a while. This one is far more interesting than most others. There is a rambling in the lyrics that might remind you of artists like Erykah Badu or Bob Dylan. I can’t find fault in Ms. Bell’s vocals. At times they remind me of Kimbra or Cobie Calit and I appreciate the way she plays with the melody in her phrasing. There are a lot of interesting choices represented in this record. It deserves more attention than it has gotten so far.  jennahbell.bandcamp.com/album/anchors-elephants

Today’s interview is with Mr. Chris spangle and it was incredible. Chris is with We Are Libertarians. Check them out here: wearelibertarians.com/

Here are just some of the things we talked about:

The Beatles Anthology Vol1  1995imdb.to/2EU3DC6/

1960’s Soul:

Sam Cooke spoti.fi/2EYVCM5

Otis Redding spoti.fi/2TQOQ4R  

Country Blues Roots :

Ray LaMontagne spoti.fi/2Hk0OOm

Sturgill Simpson spoti.fi/2TymIUt

Modern Soul:

St Paul & Broken Bones spoti.fi/2VTOPtY

Fitz & The Tantrums spoti.fi/2EUT2Xz  

The Stepkids spoti.fi/2TQOYBn

Crappy Sappy Movies:

God’s Not Dead imdb.to/2NXtvRy

Blue Like Jazzimdb.to/2XRikOY

The Christmas Princess ( I mixed up The Christmas Princess with Netflix’ A Christmas Prince Series.)

A Christmas Prince imdb.to/2TNeQ0I

Random Stuff

Homemovies – Kafka Rock Operabit.ly/2CfXBeE

The Swampbit.ly/2Tx1Zk8

Raw Audio Politics – Bill Weld bit.ly/2EV0x0O

Mary Ruartbit.ly/2Tush6m

Freedom Stripsbit.ly/2F7a6uX

The System is Down – Chris Spangle bit.ly/2XO76uJ

Tim Pool www.timcast.com/

We Are Change wearechange.org/

Alex Jones on Rogan!! bit.ly/2XRVvuq

Rodger Paxton on League of Liberty bit.ly/2TIwkvf

FAGcast – Chris Spanglebit.ly/2TCOGhl

Carman( So you know)bit.ly/2TK7oU8

Chris Recommends

Morning Phase – Beck  bit.ly/2UyBWW6

Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys bit.ly/2J9t8os

Abby Road -The Beatles bit.ly/2HmwV03

On My Side – Kim Walker Smith bit.ly/2Uwha9u

Best of Sam Cooke – Sam Cooke bit.ly/2TChp6v

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