PP: Q&A – Should I Do Video or Just Audio for My Podcast?

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Jocelyn recently wrote on our Instagram (@podcastingap) and asked about creating something visual for YouTube. She said that it was exhausting and that she only did one segment. So how important is it to make a video version of audio content for YouTube podcasts? 

Creating a video for YouTube can be daunting, but is it worth it? To help with that decision, I want to refer you to a previous video on the pros and cons of video content. 

I looked at her video to answer her question and explained what we had discussed. My first impressions are that it’s impressive for an audio-only podcast featured on YouTube. It’s really well done. I’d love to know what software you used for this, so please comment below and let me know, and I’ll let other people know.

You said it took a ton of time, which is understandable, but you have to evaluate the time commitment versus the number of people viewing it. It sounds like you’re already burnt out after doing one. Could you have gotten those 10 views with something that took you 15 minutes using the Headliner software, which is automated? You have to balance the quality vs. the time.

Quality is always going to get you more views over time. Two years from now, if you’re putting in that time and dedication, you will have more viewers on YouTube than something a little bit simpler. For example, I use Headliner and other software to produce videos, but they get fewer views than the more complex and well-done videos. But what is that number? Is it 50 views per show with Headliner, which is automated, and 100 views for something you spent hours on? Is that a good tradeoff? In my mind, no. You’d be better off putting time into the content part instead of the distribution part. 

Time is at a premium, and my central focus for distribution is a quality audio product. YouTube is a secondary service to give podcast listeners on the platform access to my content, and it is not my main focus. There are so many platforms for distribution and don’t try to do them all. Just put time into what gets you the best return for your goals. 

So, Jocelyn, take some time to evaluate your approach and decide what works best for you. 


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