Paradocs: A Talent Agency for Physicians with Ethan Nkana

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What is one common difference between the hiring process of most professionals with advanced degrees and those in sports and talent industries? The use of talent agents. People dedicated to finding their clients jobs, negotiating the terms, and essentially doing all of the analytical work to determine market value for the “talent.” 

What if the Talent were Physicians?

Raised by a physician mother, my guest today is Ethan Nkana, who didn’t enter the world of medicine as a doctor but instead got his JD and MBA to enter the world of hospital administration. Ethan cut his teeth negotiating physician contracts, running operations, and more for hospitals. But he decided to get out and start a business working on the other side of the table with physicians in the negotiation process. His model is simple in that he uses the same as talent agents for musicians, artists, and athletes except his clients are doctors. 

Ethan brings his knowledge at the Rocky Mountain Physician Agency of what hospitals want, where their pain points are, and what they worry about to help doctors maximize their compensation or work situation. Fortunately for Ethan, there are plenty of physicians now employed and looking for more.


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