New Podcast on the Network: The Paradocs with Dr. Eric Larson – Make Sure Your Health Insurance Broker is Working for You and not the Insurance Company

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I am proud to announce a new show on the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network: The Paradocs with Dr. Eric Larson. With medical innovation and challenges leading the headlines, it is imperative to have a credible, smart voice helping us understand what’s happening not only with regards to the pandemic but also with health insurance and health care. Dr. Larson approaches these subjects with a fact-based approach to help listeners make the best choices for themselves and their families and fits our mission at WAL is to inform listeners about current events from an independent point of view. Please subscribe to the show now at To learn more, visit his website:

When you run a business, one person you usually meet and hire is a health insurance broker. In theory, these brokers work with employers to secure the best deals for health insurance to meet the company’s health care objectives. However, in practice, the brokers serve as a sales force for the insurance companies who lavish them with bonuses, trips, and gifts. The seedy underbelly of the health insurance broker industry is that they are really not working to save money or get deals for their clients – the checks are written by the insurance carriers and that’s who they answer to.

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