New Podcast: What is Liberty Explained?

Liberty Explained is your guide to libertarianism. Your hosts Chris Spangle, Julia Geier, and Levie Rainey break down a complicated movement and ideology to understand ways. We are a resource to share with friends when they have tough questions. Hopefully, we will answer some questions you might have yourself along the way. Please send your questions to This podcast is produced by the We Are Libertarians Network.

  • Mainly, we are a podcast that shares bite-sized information on libertarianism and the movement that nurtures it. Each episode tackles a question submitted by our audience. We will share the libertarian solution to an issue in under 15 minutes.
  • It is a website with many different resources, and we’ve tagged the posts to help you quickly see the posts about a topic like taxes, health care, or education.
  • We link to quizzes to help people clarify their beliefs.
  • We have compiled several YouTube playlists that outline the basics of
  • libertarianism, the libertarian philosophy, libertarian thoughts on current
  • events, and the history of the libertarian movement.
  • We also share a book recommendation a day and have links to several reading lists and sites with free eBooks. You’ll also find a link to, a site that shares many of the most consistent, entertaining podcasts that explain liberty.
  • We have also organized a list of libertarian websites that you can trust to produce consistent and thoughtful content.
  • Have a question? Send us an email at
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