Explore Your Personal Principles Further

The world is full of of individuals interacting each other. And how do you put your principles at work when interacting with others?

Watch this video, or think about the questions below.


Thanks to the Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity for use of this video.

What are your personal principles? What is your fundamental mission in life? These questions are not something we can answer for you. But let us pose a central question: Would you agree that the basic mission of most people is the desire to be happy? So what makes humans happy?

The first key to happiness is security. People want to know that their body and property are secure. Can you name a time where you have been physically harmed or had an item stolen, and you have been happier?

The initiation of force, physical harm or theft, is wrong. Most people practice the “golden rule”; To treat others as they would like to be treated. If one family member stole or physically harmed another, how would their relationship fair afterwards? NEXTIDEAFriendship, healthy families, harmony, peace, abundance, and all other positive values are built on the foundation of not initiating force.

So if the non-initiation of force is the fundamental principle of positive interaction between individuals, can it apply to society at large?

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