CSS: The Swamp Explained – COVID and Vaccines, Is the Swamp Back? Rob Asks What We Did to Get Censored

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In the Swamp Explained,” Chris Spangle and Rob Quartel go in-depth on how Washington works. The show is hosted by Chris Spangle of the We Are Libertarians network. Rob Quartel is a 45-year fly on the wall in Washington, DC. Rob has worked for Republican presidential campaigns, government agencies like the EPA, and has been confirmed by the Senate to the Us Federal Maritime Commission. He’s also been a candidate for Congress and Senate. Given his experience and iconoclastic viewpoints, Rob gives us great insight into the swamp that makes up our nation’s capital.

In this episode, we cover new developments in the Swamp now that Biden is President and the missed opportunities to change Washington by the Trump Administration. We cover the future of lockdowns, and Rob asks the new Bad Boy of Libertarianism what he did to get censored. 

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