CSS: How One Nonprofit is Changing Lives Through Using Innovative Strategies To Teach Entrepreneurship

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Donna Oklak of the Meridian Foundation is passionate about innovation in the nonprofit space. She has created the Arago Honors Nonprofit Innovation Awards to grant of $10,000 to a nonprofit that breaks the molds of traditional systems. To show how that works, she and I speak to Kristi Mitchell of the Launch HOPE Foundation. Working with interns from Butler University that attend their business school, they form mentorships and give aid to young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Indy-area nonprofits are eligible for a non-restricted cash prize of $10,000, but applications close on Aug.15, 2022. – Meridian Foundation – www.indymeridianfoundation.org

Launch HOPE – launchhopefoundation.org

Terry Mumford of Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis on Giving Circles – www.indianapodcasts.com/p/terry-mumford-of-impact-100-greater-dcd

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