CSS: Hawk Jensen on “Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty”

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Hawk Jensen is a documentary filmmaker from Hollywood that has partnered with fellow artists to create a new documentary series called “Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty.” The goal of the SoundMind Creative Group is to establish some cultural literacy and defined terms around the events of the COVID pandemic. What did our society get right these past 19 months and what did our government get wrong, and why is it frowned upon to talk about it? This is an excellent conversation that needs to be had, and memorializing the pandemic from a critical view will be a helpful tool for future generations. They’re fundraising now at www.followthesciencefilm.com, so listen in and please consider helping donate towards the project.

Jensen is also the producer of The Witness Project, a short documentary series sponsored by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation that records the experiences of a number of individuals who were – and in some cases still are – victims of persecution by collectivist regimes in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

In full disclosure, they are a paying sponsor of the WAL Network, and that is because we believe their project is worth partnering with.

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“Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty” from The SoundMind Creative Group is a brand new docuseries highlighting the real science and data of the pandemic and the stories of those negatively impacted over the past year and a half by ineffective government policies enacted in the name of following the science.

Fundraising efforts to help launch this series are underway. Can you join them now by donating to the cause at www.FollowTheScienceFilm.com?


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